Vintage Appliances – Old Appliances In The News

Vintage Appliances – Old Appliances In The News

Read about vintage and old appliances as they appeared in the newspapers of yesterday.

Wikipedia says home appliances are electrical/mechanical machines which accomplish some household functions, such as cooking or cleaning. Today, we take them for granted as we have all grown up with them. But imagine if you grew up in the era when you had to haul ice into the kitchen for the refrigerator or fill the lamps with oil to see at night.

1911-vintage-applianceWell, that is the way it was at the turn of the century and the newspapers were full of exciting new advertisements for the electric refrigerator and the new lamp with an electric light bulb. Most of these ads for these now vintage appliances were first published by the local power companies that popped up all over the U.S..

We will take a look at advertising and articles for the products that we now call old appliances”.

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The First Electric Power Comes To Cities – Helping Vintage Appliances Come To Life

The advance made in electrical inventions the past quarter of a century has been great, but it will be nothing in comparison to what will be accomplished within the next twenty-five years. Everyday heralds the completion of some new invention or the solution of some profound problem, by which the use of electricity can be made universal to the wants of man. St. Paul Daily Globe, 1891


We invite your patronage and your investigation into the first cost of installation of electric light power and labor saving devices in the form of flat irons, cooking utensils, etc., for your your domestic use, heating appliances of every kind and motors for for every conceivable purpose. The cost of wiring wiring and equipping your home place of business or your factory for supplying light, heat and power is no more and often times much less than for all other forms of light, heat and power.  Utah Light and Railway Company – 1906


The San Francisco Call – 1911

electricity in the home

What with the multitude of things that can be done with gas and electricity, – the modern housekeeper can offer only very lame excuses for any errors that she may make. With so much that is arranged for her convenience and assistance, she can hardly complain of being tired out, or out of sorts. Her servants are gas and electricity, and the appliances that are made nowadays for them do an immense deal to lighten labor and to overcome dirt.

Just think of it! Think what a tremendous advance it is in science to lighten labor and abolish dirt. It Is almost as great as making two blades of grass grow where only one grew before. And it is proverbial that whoever can accomplish that is the true benefactor of man kind. The San Francisco Call -1905

1907-electric-appliance-cantonELECTRIC cooking appliances have been in use in other cities for a long time. Housewives have found them entirely practical and extremely convenient and easy to use. Canton people have known little about such appliances because until, now they never have been introduced here. But the Canton housewife will find quite as much pleasure in the use of the electric cooking appliances as her sisters do elsewhere. And she will appreciate how very handy a thing it is to prepare meals the electric way after she has visited one of the demonstrations. Mrs. A. M. Colby is giving daily forenoon from 10 to 12 o’clock and after noon from 2 to 4 o’clock-until July 6, in the office of, the Canton Electric Company. These demonstrations are free to all -housewives and to anyone else interested in the art of electric cooking. You are cordially invited to attend any of the demonstrations and avail yourself of the information Mrs. Colby will gladly furnish you about electric cooking and electric cooking appliances, as well- as the expense of their maintenance. Come and see how Mrs. Colby cooks with electricity. See if you do not prefer the fastidious methods she uses to the old ones that have been used ever since you can remember. And above all, note the perfect results she attains.

What You Will Find At

We will take a look at the vintage appliances that changed lives for people after the turn of the century. Namely, the large appliances like refrigerators, Clothes Washers, Electric ranges and other “large appliances”

There are also the small appliances such as curling irons, chafing dishes, clothes irons, toasters, lamps and other such things that today we take for granted. It is those vintage household goods that 100 years ago were like the invention of fire. We will also add products often that are not vintage appliances, but are related to the vintage home like household goods, foods and more.

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Vintage Appliances – Old Appliances