America Electric Vacuum Cleaner

America Electric Vacuum Cleaner

America Electric Vacuum Cleaner – Made by the Wise-McClung Manufacturing Company, New Philadelphia, Ohio. Operating cost, 165 watts, or 1 2/3 cents an hour. Construction is a fan-sweeper type , machine, having the motor vertically mounted. The casing and fan are made of aluminum, the latter having six blades. It is supported upon three small wheels, the rear one being adjustable so that the nozzle may be raised or lowered for long, medium or short nap carpets. In the nozzle is a small belt traction-driven bristle brush. There are eighteen feet of flexible connection cord and lamp socket attachment.

Special Features — Under test, threads, hair, lint and dust were removed from a rug and hardwood floor. There is excellent suction force, and an adjustment allows the sweeper to work equally well on long and short nap rugs. Current can be turned off and on by a foot lever. A removable spiral brush in the nozzle is easily cleaned but hardly large enough to be very effective. There are attachments for blowing or suction cleaning, which may be used on radiators, etc., a wall brush and a tool for cleaning clothes, portieres and upholstered furniture. The j brush is good to use when removing ravelings which have been “walked” into a rug. Machine weighs thirteen pounds, will go under furniture eight inches high, and the nozzle is thirteen inches wide. The vertical mounting is generally deemed slightly less durable than the horizontal type and the temperature rise by resistance method was 54.8 degrees C, just within the permissible limit of 55 degrees C.

Here is an advertisement for the America Electric Cleaner.

New York Tribune – 1920

America Electric 1920

America Electric 1920

SOME DAY, when women have more to say about building, there will be fewer grooves in moldings to dig out, no Moorish fretwork in hollow squares, where dirt is hoarded, and radiator– will not be constructed so that it takes a surgical operation of several hours to clean them. In short, all unnecessary decoration, so-called, and all unsanitary construction will vanish when the people who do the cleaning have anything to say about home building. More women architects wanted, please! Or more missionary work among the men in the profession. Until then the special attachments of the vacuum cleaners and their versatile power to get at dirt by suction, blowing, sweeping and brushing, and by all sorts of long necked and straight and crooked tools that search out corners and cracks and crevices are a woman’s only hope.

New York Tribune 1922.

america vacuum circa 1922

Women dream cleaner 1922

She no longer stoops to conquer dirt. There is no nook or cranny, high or tow, that does not promptly yield up its dirt to a good vacuum cleaner which sucks, blows and brushes, by means of many different kinds of tools.

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