Apex Electric Suction Vacuum Cleaner

Apex Electric Suction Vacuum Cleaner

Made by the Apex Electrical Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, Ohio, the Apex Electric Suction Vacuum Cleaner had an operating cost, 150 watts, or 1 ½ cents an hour of continuous operation.

Construction – A sweeper-fan type, having an aluminum case and nozzle. Motor is horizontally mounted and the machine runs on three fiber wheels. It weighs ten and a half pounds, is six and a half inches high and the floor suction nozzle is thirteen inches wide. The nozzle passage is divided into two parts and contains a narrow brush across its full width, equipped with twenty feet of flexible connection cord and separable lamp socket attachment.

Special Features – The motor is horizontally mounted and will operate in either direct or alternating current of proper voltage. The inclined plane of the nozzle enables it to go under radiators and furniture, and it is adjustable to three positions from the floor. There is a current switch in the end of the handle and hooks for winding up cord when not in use.

Apex Vacuum Advertisement 1917 –

Apex Electric Suction 1917

Apex Electric Suction Vacuum

Apex Vacuum AdvertisementThe Sun and the New York herald – 1920

Apex Vacuum Advertisement

Apex Vacuum Advertisement Circa 1920

The Apex ad reads – Not through sweeping? I finished two hours ago. Did it all with my APEX cleaner. It does all my cleaning, sweeping and dusting. I find it indispensable. “You really must own an APEX. Just write today and have an APEX demonstrator call tomorrow. You can try it yourself, and I know that you will never be without one”

Apex thoroughness and wide range of usefulness established a new standard of house cleanliness. Every room may be entirely freed of dust and dirt as often as desired without waste of time and energy. The exclusive inclined Apex nozzle cleans up to the baseboards. It pokes into hard to get at corners, reaches under radiators, bookcases and other low furniture, and gets around the legs of tables and chairs more readily than a broom.

Wherever the Apex goes it cleans with the utmost thoroughness. The extreme end of the nozzle picks up dirt as eagerly as the center. This is because the nozzle is divided, distributing the suction evenly across its entire width. Only in the Apex will you find these features so necessary to effective and time saving cleaning. Deeply imbedded, ground-in dirt, as well as surface litter, is unable to resist the powerful suction concentrated through the thin nozzle opening. Short threads, stray hairs, and lint are whisked up as if by magic.

The Apex weighs only 10 pounds. It is so easy to handle that you do not hesitate to call on it for every cleaning duty. You can carry it to any part of the house without fatigue. Yet so sturdy is the Apex that it is equal to any task. You will greatly appreciate the attachments be cause with them you can quickly clean and freshen upholstered furniture, draperies, bedding, the contents and bottoms of bureau drawers, walls, shades and over moldings.

Buy an Apex tomorrow and cease to dread your spring cleaning. $10.00 will place the Apex in your home – Balance in monthly payments. Fill in the attached coupon now ! Don’t wait. You will never regret it. The Apex is on display and will be demonstrated by the following dealers: KIMBALL ELECTRIC CO., 23 West 37th St., New York City.

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  1. Mark Muller

    I have an old model 72 handheld vacuum from the Electric Vacuum Cleaner Company from Cleveland Ohio, which works fine, minus a handle. Any chance of finding one compatible?

  2. Stephen lawless

    I have this very same vacuum that still runs!what would be the value of such an item?


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