Apex Electric Washer

Apex Electric Washer

The Apex Electric Washer was made by the Apex Appliance Company, Chicago, IL. operated at 150 watts, or a cost of 1 1/2 cents an hour for continuous operation back in 1920. We will take a look at the specifications of this vintage washing machine as well as look at some of its advertising.

1920 apex adConstruction – An oscillating copper tub of triangular form supported on a steel frame. It is tinned inside and the bottom and sides are lined with smooth surfaced “V” shaped meta strips. The gearing mechanism and the R.M. standard motor are located below to one side. The swinging type two-roll, reversible Anchor brand wringer with safety release is mounted above. It occupies a floor space 29 by 32 inches. Height, 36 ½ inches to to of tub, 55 inches to top of wringer.

Special Features – The tub and wringer each has a control lever and the washing and wringing can be carried on separately or together. Th tub locks in a vertical position when stationary, and at other times it is rocked back and forth by the mechanism, making 34 oscillations a minute. It is comparatively silent in its motion and the moving parts are covered or out of the way. The wringer can be swung and used in any one of four positions. Its maximum capacity is eight sheets and it requires15 to 20 minutes to thoroughly wash one tubful of clothes.

The ad above reads – The Apex Electric must be seen to be appreciated. It is a pleasure to operate one, and from a standpoint of economy, it is a big money saver. The Apex Electric Washer is supreme to all others. Come in today, see the machine in operation, and learn of our easy payment plan. Hundreds of Satisfied Users in Washington.

1920 apex imageAnother ad from PENINSULA ELECTRIC CO. in Oregon reads – There is a Reason why the APEX Electric Washer is superior and more popular than others. The APEX will wash your clothes faster than any other washer made. Its shining copper tub oscillates to and fro 80 times every minute, flushing out every particle of dirt in 10 minutes or less. There is absolutely no wear-not even the friction of any moving parts against your clothes. Strong substantial mechanism, guaranteed to give service for years without expense to you. “IT PAYS TO BUY THE BEST.” The APEX JK. Copper is now selling for $155.00. We also sell them on terms to suit. We arc Sole Agents for the Apex Electric Washer on the Peninsula, Buy Electric Goods at an Electric Store. PENINSULA ELECTRIC CO.

The photo below was from an article from 1916 and was accompanied by the following text. It s one of the earliest mentions of the Apex Electric Washer I found.

The tests given to this washer in The Tribune Institute laboratory show it to be one of the most efficient in the market. It is an odd looking arrangement, made wholly of metal, the wringer alone excepted. The copper tub is triangular in form, tinned inside and hung on a steel frame mounted upon casters. The bottom and side of the tub are lined with smooth surfaced, V-shaped metal strips which act as a washboard. Fill the tub with soiled clothes and hot, soapy water, start the motor, and see what happens! The tub rocks back and forth exactly like a cradle, dashing the clothes to and fro over the ridges and forcing the water and steam through them. The consequence is an exceptionally thorough scrubbing, as effective as any done by hand. The high-grade wringer has reversible rolls and is of the swinging type, so that it can be used in any one of four positions. The rollers are equipped with a safety release for emergency use.

photo of an apex washer

apex power company ad

Apex Electric Washer

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  1. Ricky

    I have an old apex washing machine by apex electrical. Model number 1005p, serial number a 7300509. Would like some information about it. Thanks


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