Automatic Electric Washer

Automatic Electric Washer

The Automatic Electric Washer was made by the Automatic Electric Washer Company in Newton, Iowa and consumed 200 watts of power. This translated to a cost of 2 cents per hour of continuous work back in 1920. This now vintage electric washer was one of the first to show up on the market back in the early 1900’s. The advertising was simple and straight forward and the models were numbered, like No. 4 and No. 6. The specifications below are for the No. 4 model.

Automatic Electric Washer 1919Construction – A “dolly” type having a corrugated wooden tub, mounted upon a steel frame with casters. On one side is mounted a swinging two roll reversible Anchor Brand wringer with a safety lever release, while directly beneath the tub are the motor and gearing. The dolly is supported from the cover, therefore the washer cannot be operated with the cover opened. At one side of the tub is attached a steel folding bench. The washer occupies floor space 24×31 inches.

Special Features – The tub and wringer each has a control lever and the washing and wringing can be performed separately or together. The folding bench is strongly supported and will hold a portable tub. The wringer can be swung and used in any one of three positions, and a safety device releases the rolls. The universal rod drive can be obtained and permits an ice cream freezer, food chopper, churn, etc., to be operated by the motor and driving mechanism while the washing and wringing are going on. By means of the extra handle and lever furnished, the “dolly” and wringer can be worked by hand in case the electric service fails. The “dollyā€¯ makes 57 oscillations a minute. Maximum capacity of tub is eight sheets.

1916 Automatic Electric Washer

Earliest ad found for the Automatic Electric Washer, Rogue River Courier 1916

The Liberal Democrat in 1920 – An ad ran in 1920 for the Automatic Electric Washer that appealed to a mans sense of fairness. It was safe to say that back in these days, the man was the “bread winner” in the family.

You Run Your Machinery By Power ……. But You Make Your Wife Run The Washer By Hand ….. Is That Fair?

You can remedy this easily. The business man has long since learned that it was a waste of time and strength to run machinery by hand, so he installed engines and motors, and even hitched his pump onto a windmill to save labor yet most men let their wives run their washing machines by hand a back-breaking job at best. If you are among those guilty of this come in and have a look at those Automatic Electric Washers.

They take the drudgery out of wash day and are so substantially constructed that they last many years and give good service. Ask for names of the 500 users in Liberal satisfy yourself that there are none better. The remainder of the shipment now on hand will be sold at the old price, after which the price will be increased to new list. Liberal Light, Ice & Power Company

automatic washer

The Ontario Argus – 1920

1921 automatic electric washer

The Liberal Democrat 1921

Automatic Electric Washer

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  1. Karen Kuhnau

    We have an old wringer washing machine made by Automatic Washer Company in Newton Iowa. We would like to know the value of it. It is complete but has not been used in years.


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