Baby Twin Vacuum Cleaner

Baby Twin Vacuum Cleaner

The Baby Twin Vacuum Cleaner was made by the Kent Vacuum Cleaner Company, Rome, N. Y.  and had an operating cost of 250 watts, or 2 1/2 cents an hour.

Construction – An electric fan-sweeper type, having a horizontal metal cylinder body at the rear of which is the fan and motor, while on the front end is the suction nozzle. A cloth dust bag is contained inside. It weighs sixteen and a half pounds, will go under furniture eight and a half inches and the nozzle is ten inches wide. At the rear are two rubber-tired wheels and a handle containing a push button with seventeen feet of flexible cord and separable lamp socket plug, and the handle is provided with hooks for the cord.

Special Features – Dust bag is in the cylindrical body. A strong suction is developed, but the machine is noisy is operation. Push button conveniently controls the switch, and may be operated on either alternating or direct current. A small caster directly beneath the suction nozzle can be easily adjusted to raise or lower the nozzle to accommodate it for short, medium or long nap carpets.

Apparently the Baby Twin was not a hit as I was not able to find any ads selling this make vacuum in any of the days newspapers.

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