Bee Suction Vacuum Cleaner

Bee Suction Vacuum Cleaner

The Bee Suction Vacuum Cleaner, Model D made by the Birtman Electric Company, Randolph Street and Ogden Avenue, Chicago. Operating coat, 175 watts, or 1 3/4 cents an hour.

Construction – Fan-sweeper type machine, having a horizontal motor and aluminum casting and nozzle mounted on three rubber-tired wheels, guided by wooden handle with cloth dust bag suspended from it. Handle has push button switch and hooks for winding cord up when not in use. Cleaner weighs nine pounds and will go under furniture eight inches high.

Special Features – Operates easily and cleans efficiently. Nozzle is twelve inches wide and contains a removable spiral bristle brush. This is geared to one driving wheel and can be removed for cleaning, which is further simplified by using the small steel comb provided. The rubber hose has a swiveled metal connection for attachment to the fan chamber and doing away with a connector. The motor operates on either alternating or direct current of proper voltage and runs at high speed.

Advertisements for the “Bee” Vacuum –

bee vacuum 1918

Bee Vac 1918

This ad from 1918 reads – A FREE TRIAL In Your Own Home – of the “BEE” Vacuum Cleaner. So confident are we of the merits of this cleaner that we’ll gladly permit you to put It to every test in your own home, without obligating- yourself to buy. Price, $37.50.

Term Arranged To Suit Your Own Convenience. The “BEE” Vacuum Cleaner fully a year in advance of its nearest competitor. To prove this statement, we merely ask you to put it to the hardest sorts of tests in your own home. Our reputation for fair-dealing and service stands back of every sale. Call Up Today.

Bee vac

The “Bee” Vac 1922
















The Bee Suction Vac – 1917

bee vac 1917

The Bee Suction Vac – 1917


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