Bissell Electric Suction Cleaner

Bissell Electric Suction Cleaner

The Bissell Electric Suction Cleaner was made by the Bissell Motor Company, 228 Huron Street, Toledo, Ohio. Cost of operation, high speed, 265 watts, or 2 3/4. cents an hour; low speed, 120 watts, or l 1/4 cents an hour. The Bissell brand vacuum cleaner remains very popular today and is seen often in modern advertisements.

play-audioListen to a vintage music of the period – Vintage 78 rpm SweepEmCleen

Construction – A royal blue enameled case mounted upon four rubber-tired wheels and containing a one-third horsepower electric motor and fan horizontally supported. A cloth dust bag is vertically supported above the body of the cleaner. The trimmings are nickel-plated and the motor is equipped with thirty feet of flexible connection cord with separable lamp. socket attachment and a two-speed snap button switch. A four and a half foot fiber extension tube, a seven foot one and a half inch diameter hose and an assortment of nickel-plated cleaning tools are provided. Weight, 35 pounds.

Special Features – This machine is compactly and substantially constructed and develops a strong suction. Although only a short length of hose is furnished, a large area can be covered since thirty feet of flexible connection cord is provided. The cleaner remains stationary while the work is done with hose, tubing and tool attachments, and the fiber tubing, being lighter than metal, is more convenient to handle. The motor has two speeds and the shaft is so designed that a buffer, grinder stone and pulley wheel can be attached. By the latter, other small machinery can be run by belting, or with the power base furnished at additional cost a washing machine may be successfully operated.

Vintage advertisements for the Bissell Electric Suction Cleaner –

FREE TRIAL OFFER ELECTRIC Suction Cleaner – The cleaner with the HIGH POWER suitable for home or institution. Swift, thorough, dependable – you merely guide the feather-weight nozzle- a touch of two fingers does it while the machine follows lightly on rubber wheels – Guaranteed Tested and Endorsed by Good Housekeeping and Tribune Institutes. Sold on Easy Payment Plan Demonstration Anywhere DISBECKER & CO., Inc., 57 West 35th St.

The Bissell was first known in the early days for its carpet sweeper.

1918 bissell sweeper

1918 Bissell Sweeper from the Princeton Union – click for larger size

Bissell’s Superba Vacuum Sweeper – Made by the Bissell Carpet Sweeper Company, Grand Rapids, Mich., and New York.

Construction – A combination sweeper type machine with the case made of mahogany veneer, with polished nickel plated trimmings. The three bellows are alternately operated by the rear rubber-tired wheels when the machine is guided back and forth over the floor by the wooden handle. The dust receptacle in the form of a box-bag and is attached to the suction nozzle which has rubber corner cushions. The rubber bristle brush with metal dust pans is placed behind the floor nozzle.

1917 bissell

Bissell Vacuum ad from the Washington D.C. Evening Star 1917

bissel sweeper

how it worked

Special Features – The machine is constructed of first class materials and durably assembled. It is efficient when used on flat, carpeted surfaces, removing; litter as well as embedded dirt. The nozzle and dust receptacle, being in one unit, can be removed without spilling contents, and the hinged rear cover permits emptying without soiling the hands. This cleaner weighs thirteen and three-quarter pounds, will go under furniture nine and a half inches high, and the opening of the suction nozzle is nine and a half inches wide. The roller bristle brush is eight inches wide and consists of three spiral rows of five-eighths inch bristles with thirty one tufts to each row.

bissell photo

Bissell Photo early 1900’s

Here’s a cool video of a similar Bissell Motor being “re-born” recently from Youtube

Here’s a great page about the history of the Bissell Company

1914 bissell vacuum

Bissell Vacuum Ad – The daily Gate – 1914

1920 bissell electric suction

Bissell Electric Vacuum free trial advertisement – New York Tribune – 1920

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