BlueBird Clothes Washer

BlueBird Clothes Washer

The BlueBird Clothes Washer was made by the Blue Bird Appliance Company, St. Louis, Mo. and had some of the more colorful advertising in this vintage washing machine section. It ran at 255 watts and cost about 2 1/2 cents an hour to run back in 1920.

Construction – An oscillating tub type operated by a one-sixth horsepower Westinghouse motor which is belted to the driving mechanism. The copper tub is 26xl6 inches, with an apex like bottom consisting of ridges and ribs over which the immersed clothes pass on each oscillation. A lever on the side of the machine starts and stops the tub. The wooden bearing Lovell wringer can be used in three positions and is equipped with a safety release. A separate lever starts, stops or reverses the wringer. The tub and mechanism is in-cased in white enameled steel with a bluebird decoration and occupies a floor space 26×30 inches and is 34 ¼ inches high.

1919 Bluebird

play-audioPeriod Music – Jim Miller and Charlie Farrell – Hello bluebird

Special Features – The tub not only swings from side to side, but the ends tilt up to a steep angle, giving a double cleaning action. The capacity of the tub is eight sheets, and with 12 gallons of hot, soapy water it required 1 5 minutes to complete the work. The tub oscillates 64 times a minute. The tub and wringer each has a control lever and the washing and wringing can be carried on separately or together.

BlueBird Clothes Washer text ad from the New York Tribune 1919

1920 Bluebird WasherWhen BlueBird Enters Your Home Happiness Reigns on ..Washday BlueBird relieves you of the most forbidding and detested domestic duty … washing clothes – work that requires the strength and endurance of a day laborer, and yet done by delicate women week after week. BlueBird is the friend and servant that takes drudgery out of the home and puts happiness in its place. On washday the clothes are “on the line by nine” and BlueBird has done the work-without rubbing and wearing out the clothes-and done cleanly.

Built like a bridge, its sturdy, substantial and lasting. Simple of operation. Nothing to get out of order easily. Beautiful cabinet design and all working parts enclosed and protected. Finished in exquisite white enamel thats baked on. Can be wiped clean. Rocking cradle which holds the clothes is of copper, highly polished. The large, swinging wringer operates in three positions. Cost to operate about same as a Mazda lamp, at most a few cents weekly.

BlueBird will soon save enough to pay for itself. A small payment puts BlueBird in your home. Call here for a demonstration, or we will bring a BlueBird to your home and give a demonstration without obligating you in any way. Write for the BlueBird Book.

1920 bluebird FP

another bluebird ad circa 1920

BlueBird Clothes Washer

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