Clark Jewel Gas Range

Clark Jewel Gas Range

The Clark Jewel Gas Range was made by George M. Clark & Co., 179 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL.. Cost of operation for gas prices in 1920 were To heat oven to 580 degrees, 2.46 cents an hour; broiler, on full, 2.7 cents an hour; giant tip burner, 2.18 cents an hour; medium, 1.02 cents an hour. We will take a look at the construction, special features ans some of its advertising back in the early 1900’s.

The times dispatch 1914

The times dispatch 1914

Construction – This is a well constructed gas range, with the addition of an accurate thermostatic oven temperature control which maintains the oven temperature at its setting, independent of the operator, so long as the pilot on the oven is lit.

The range is constructed of sheet steel with nickel trimmings, and white porcelain enameled panels on oven doors and on side wall and rack above cooking top. The heat insulation of the oven is exceptionally good, without any sacrifice of ventilation. The oven and its control apparatus are constructed throughout for convenience and efficiency.

1919 clark jewel

New-York tribune 1919

Special Features – The main features are the single burner, which heats broiler oven and warming oven. The Fire fly Lighter, which, at a cost of about 10 cents a month for gas consumption, does away with the necessity of matches for surface work (what we call a pilot light). The porcelain enameled broiler drip pan and refuse tray below the cooking top burner, which comprises three medium size star burners, one similar giant burner and one simmerer. Porcelain handled half turn valves control all burners. A pot and pan shelf is provided under the cooking tops refuse tray.

The overall height of the stove is 62 Inches, and the cooking top is 82 inches above the floor. A shelf is placed above the cooking top. An exceptional amount of shelf room and warming space is provided. The broiler is directly under the main oven and the two are always heated together. Above the main oven is a warming oven, which heats above 200 degrees F. with the oven regulator at 400 degrees F. The door rolls up and ta counterbalanced. Baking tests on the stove were highly satisfactory.

1920 jewel clark

The Morning Tulsa daily world 1920

 New York Tribune 1916 –  If you have a daintily furnished kitchen done in white enamel, white tiling and all the rest of the desirable things that make a modern kitchen a thing of beauty, you ought to have the Clark Jewel Gas Range that comes with the oven doors and splasher of white porcelain enamel.

1919 CJ Range

The Washington herald 1919

The same range made without the white enamel splasher is naturally less expensive. Truth compels us to add that it is quite as efficient a stove as the other, but only a woman knows how beautiful that snowy porcelain lined range would be in the kitchen of white she is so proud.

Whether white enameled or not, it is range No. E 580 we are talking about. There are many models and styles of the Clark Jewel Gas Range, but this is the one tested in the Tribune Institute. Therefore it is the one about which we can speak with the authority that springs from practical experience. Clark Jewel Gas Range No. E 580 is of the cabinet type, with cast trimmings. It is finished in oven-baked dull japan, which is smooth, easy to clean and does not require stove blacking. The baking oven is directly above the broiling oven and a large loop burner heats both.

Clark Jewel Gas Range

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    Hello my name is Loren I have a CLARK JEWEL stove that i can’t seem to find any information about, I think whats making it so hard is that its a gas/wood combination stove, the left side is wood burning with 2 cooking spots on the top with an oven an ash clean out below and on the right side it has 4 gas burners with an oven below. It is all white with a shelf on top. I can find similar but either gas or wood but not both, I want to sell it but cant seem to find any info to tell buyers or to figure out a fair price, any information would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you


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