Coles Original Hot Blast Stove

Coles Original Hot Blast Stove

Coles Original Hot Blast Stoves were popular in the early 1900’s and ads for their “Original Hot Blast” stove appeared often in the early newspapers. The goal for a good wood stove was to produce the most heat for the least amount of wood and this stove was one of the better stoves available on the market.One thing that is evident in my search for advertising of the Coles Original Hot Blast Stove, it was primarily marketed to rural area as not many ads were found from “big city” newspapers.


The comfort of getting up in the morning and dressing in a warm room is one of the agreeable features in the possession of a Cole’s original Hot Blast stove. The fire is never out in this remarkable stove from the time it is set up in the fall until taken down in spring, and the rooms can be kept warm all night and for two or three hours in the morning with the fuel put in the stove the night before.

Just think what this means for the promotion of health. Sickness usually starts from a cold contracted in an unevenly heated house. Where the home can be evenly heated day and night colds are only a memory, and much sickness is thus prevented. Health, comfort, convenience and economy all go with the purchase of a Cole’s Original Hot Blast. Investigate today.

First advertisement for the Coles Original Hot Blast Stove appeared in the Omaha Daily Bee in 1897

1897 coles stove ad

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Let’s take a look at an advertisement that appeared in the Paducah Sun in 1910.

Home Comfort Assured by Using Coles Original Hot Blast Stove

coles stove ad 1910It means comfort and health for you and your family to have comfortable living rooms. We want to sell you one of these truly marvelous heaters We know it will give you more home comfort for the money you spend for fuel than you have ever had before. The same comfort you would get from the most costly Hot Water or Steam Heating Plant you could buy. And besides, Coles Hot Blast Heater is better because you can regulate it perfectly.

1902 coles stove

You could burn most anything in a coles stove as seen in this 1902 advertisement

Coles Hot Blast Heater gives a steady even heat day and night using for fuel the cheapest grades of soft coal.  It is as clean as the highest priced Hard Coal Heater and costs you less than half the money. Costs less than half to operate throughout the winter because your fuel bill will be cut in two. Surely this is the heater you want and will have this winter.

This Original Hot Blast Stove has patented features which insure an everlasting airtight and gas tight construction. No leaky stove will hold fire – remember that.

Coles Patented Hot Blast Draft insures perfect burning of the gases in coal which makes this heater the greatest fuel saver ever. Soft coal is half gas and is wasted by other stoves. We are authorized by the Cole Manufacturing Co to sell this heater on the most rigid guarantee ever made by any stove manufacturer.

Heres an older version of the ad for the Hot Blast that appeared in the same newspaper in 1907.

The Cheapest Stove to Use Because It Saves All Wasted With Other Stoves

Coles Original Hot Blast StoveFor Hard Coal Soft Coal or Lignite – The waste of gas in burning hard coal is shown by opening the magazine cover of an ordinary base burner when the oxygen supplied fills the entire stove with flaming gas. Coles Hot Blast stove burns this gas in hard coal which in ordinary stoves escapes on account of their leaky construction causing great waste and endangering health and life when it escapes into the rooms.

In the ordinary magazine hard coal stove three-fourths of the coal is partially consumed in the magazine where it gives off no heat as it is not in contact with the radiating surface. The one-fourth of the coal in the fire pot must be kept at a white heat combustion to throw the heat into the rooms thus causing great waste.

The combustion chamber and the magazine are combined in this stove and the combustion is perfect. The stove is filled to the top of the inside cast iron lining. This large body of hard coal is burned under perfect control by means of the absolutely airtight construction of the stove giving perfect control over the drafts. The coal is kept at a slow economical cherry red combustion and as the heat is in direct contact with every square inch of the sensitive steel radiating surface all the heat is radiated into the room where it is wanted and not blanketed in and sent up the chimney. Hard coal at Cherry Red Combustion burns 48 hours while at white heat it is consumed in from 2 to 5 hours.

THE PUTTY QUESTION – guaranteed to remain always air-tight – Hickman Courier 1909

Up the Chimney is Where Half Your Fuel Money Goes When the Ordinary Stove is Used

Stove putty is universally used by stove manufacturers for making tight joints in heating stoves. While the stove is brand new the putty does the work asked of it. A hot fire for a few months cracks the putty, it drops out of place, leaving the stove full of air leaking cracks, allowing the gases and the fuel and a big part of the heat generated to be sucked up the chimney and thus wasted. More than one-half of all the fuel you put into the putty jointed stove is lost in this way. If your old stove eats up more fuel and docs not keep fire as well as it did at first, the reason is the stove putty has dropped out of the joints.

No stove putty is used in the construction of this economical stove; It Is not necessary, owing to the patented construction which makes the stove practically joint-less. Cole’s Hot Blast is the only heating stove in the world which is guaranteed to remain always air-tight. On account of the absolutely air-tight construction of Cole’s Original Hot Blast Stove, gases and the fuel are held back until they are consumed by the patented top Hot Blast Draft and both gases and heat which escape up the chimney with other stoves are thus saved to your profit and comfort – soft coal is half gas. As a result of this saving the fire is never out and the rooms are heated for two or three hours in the morning with the coal put in the Cole’s Hot Blast Stove the night before.

Here’s the original ad from 1909

Coles Stove asks the putty question. click for full size

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  1. James Colgan

    I found 4 brackets for an old Cole’s stove. The closest I’ve seen is from 1890’s. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Sheri Kyser

    I have a Coles Hot Blast # 182. It was re-nickeled in the early 1970’s in Salt Lake City. In A-1condition. Looking for a value. Want to sell it


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