Frantz Premier Electric Cleaner

Frantz Premier Electric Cleaner

The Frantz Premier Electric Cleaner was made by the Frantz-Premier Company, Cleveland, Ohio, and New York. Operating cost, 158 watts, or 1 1/2 cents an hour.

Construction – A portable fan-sweeper type machine, having an aluminum body and motor casing mounted on three wooden rollers. Is guided by a wooden handle with a pistol grip switch in the end, and carries a cloth dust bag. The motor is air cooled, vertically mounted, and has an eight blade steel fan direct connected to its shaft, the floor auction nozzle is thirteen inches wide, has a serrated edge and contains a removable revolving rubber comb. The machine weighs twelve pounds, will go under furniture seven and a half inches high, and is equipped with twenty feet of flexible connection cord.

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Special Features – The floor suction nozzle can be adjusted for long, medium or short-napped carpet. The rubber comb in it assists in the picking up of threads, lint, etc., and is readily removable when not required for cleaning. There are hooks on the handle upon which to wind the cord when not in use and the control switch is convenient and easy to operate. The motor, which runs on either alternating or direct current of proper voltage, keeps cool during operation. (Tests are pending on modifications of this machine, now known as the Premier, including a rubber vibrator instead of a comb, rubber composition wheels, etc; and also on the New Premier, with two motor-driven brushes, one bristle and one of rubber. Both models are now available.)

Frantz Premier One of the Best Electric Vacuum Cleaners – 

No modern housewife I content to do her cleaning in the spring without the aid of a vacuum cleaner. Nearly all the heavy and dreaded work of house cleaning is done away with when the wife is assisted by a vacuum cleaner one of the electrically operated machines. These simple machines do all work that formerly had to be done by hand they clean rugs, ceilings, walls, draperies, upholstery, etc., and they do the work better than it ever has been done before. In many homes where the vacuum cleaner is in use house cleaning at spring time is done away with, for the reason that the regular use of the cleaner makes it unnecessary to take up the rugs and go over the house with regard to every room every season. The vacuum cleaner keeps tho house so well shaped that the wife and her servants are relieved of all drudgery.

With the Frantz Premier, sold by the John Hussie Hardware company, 2407-09 Cuming street, the home can be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times. This machine is operated by electricity. It weighs only nine pounds and cleans as well as the heaviest vacuum machine made. It is priced at $30. Through its use many Omaha homes are being kept in admirable shape now and its prospects are that hundreds more will have the Frantz Premier this summer.

One of the first Frantz Premier advertisements

1913 franz premier

The first ad found for the Franz-Premier was found in the Topeka State Journal – 1913

1914 frantz premier

The Frantz Premier circa 1914

1915 franz premier

Franz Premier Vacuum in the Harrisburg telegraph 1915 – click for larger image

1916 Franz-premier

The Franz Premier Vacuum from the Seattle Star in 1916


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