Geyser Electric Washer

Geyser Electric Washer

The Geyser Electric Washer was made by the Geyser Electric Company in Chicago, IL. and operated at 325 watts. This translated to a cost of about 3 1/4 cents for continuous operation per hour in 1920. The Geyser Electric Washer boasted it was the worlds most efficient washer in its advertising and also promised a geyser of suds in each load.

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Construction – A revolving cylinder type having a steel frame mounted on casters and a galvanized tub on which is supported a heavy galvanized mesh wire cylinder. The motor is beneath the tub and has directly connected with its shaft a two-bladed propeller set in the bottom of the tub. The motor revolves this propeller, causing a steady stream of water to be projected up ward, striking the cylinder and turning it rapidly. The driving mechanism is at one end inclosed and the American reversible, two-roll wringer with safety release is mounted above. The machine occupies a floor space 20 x 30 inches and stands 35 inches high.

guyser washer 2Special Features – The moving parts are inclosed and the cylinder and wringer have simple quick-acting control levers, which permit washing and wringing to be done separately or together. A push button switch control the current, and the cylinder revolve in one direction only. The cylinder revolves 50 times a minute and dose not reverse. It has a maximum capacity of nine sheets.

A Propeller forces the Spray – (Ad from the New York Tribune – 1920)

The Geyser Electric Washer washes on an entirely different principle from any other machine. A veritable “geyser” of hot, sudsy water, created by the powerful propeller beneath the clothes cylinder, is driven thru and thru the meshes of the cloth and also drawn back by suction. This double washing action leaves your clothes spotlessly clean and white. The Geyser fills a long-felt need in homes where space is limited and appeals especially to those who object to cumbersome washers. When you place your clothes no matter how dainty and delicate in a Geyser, nothing can harm them. The Geyser Electric Washer has been endorsed by Good Housekeeping Institute and The New York Tribune Institute. For further information about this wonderful washer, call Pennsylvania 6712 or 6124 and ask for Dept. M, Free Booklet sent upon request.

Baby Size – $90 Standard Family Size – $150 Laundry Size – $170

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About the size of a kitchen chair

The small Geyser solves the crowded laundry problem – HIGH RENTS and the shortage of homes require that every foot of space be efficiently used. The Geyser Electric Washer is designed particularly to meet modern conditions. It can be used in the kitchen, if desired, and will pass through the smallest door. It is the smallest efficient clothes washer made. Light and compact it weighs about 100 pounds less than others and takes only 24 inches of floor space – just a little more than a kitchen chair. The Geyser washes on an entirely different principle and there is no wear on the clothes. It is quiet, simple to operate, easy to clean, and lasts a lifetime.

When you turn on the switch a powerful propeller beneath the clothes cylinder creates a “geyser” of hot, sudsy water which goes through and through the clothes and draws the hot suds back by suction. At the same time it causes the cylinder to revolve, tumbling the clothes over and over and adding greatly to the thoroughness of cleaning. When you place your clothes of dainty materials in a Geyser Washer there is nothing to harm them. They are actually floating in the water all the time, thus eliminating all wear and tear.

The Alliance Herald circa 1919

The Alliance Herald circa 1919

Geyser Electric Washer

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  1. Kelly Parks

    I have one of these…. And it still works!!!

  2. Kelly Parks

    I have one of these…. And it still works!!! It’s exactly like it’s described here…


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