Hoover Special Suction Sweeper

Hoover Special Suction Sweeper

The Hoover Special Suction Sweeper was made by the Hoover Suction Sweeper Company, New Berlin, Ohio. Cost of operation, 145 watts, or 1 1/2 cents an hour.

Construction – A fan-sweeper type portable machine constructed principally of aluminum. The motor is vertically mounted and operates, in addition to a direct connected fan, by rubber belting, a roller bristle brush. The floor suction nozzle is eleven and a half inches wide. The cleaner runs on four swivel casters, has a push button switch and is equipped with twenty-five feet of flexible connection cord with lamp socket attachment. Machine weighs twenty pounds and is eight inches high.

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Hoover Special Suction Sweeper 1912

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Special Features – Electrically driven brush picks up threads, lint, etc., and at the same time shakes or vibrates the rug or carpet so that the embedded dirt is removed by the suction. The distance of the nozzle above the floor is controlled by rear rollers and the brush can be raised or lowered to suit the nap. The dust bag is capacious and easy to detach and empty.

Ad from above reads – The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner is the Vacuum cleaner we have put into our new Efficiency Kitchen because the way this cleaner gets every little particle of dirt out of the house is simply wonderful. To begin with, its tried, true and tested Robbins & Meyer motor is enclosed and does not revolve too fast and get all heated up and worn out. It is steady and reliable.

The brush is connected by a belt to the motor. The suction lifts the dust from the carpet and the brush beats it into the dust receptacle. While all this is going on the carpet is really receiving at the same time a good sound beating.

1918 hover vacuum

The attachments, too, are as practical as they are fascinating. With them one can clean up holstered furniture, “brush the cobwebs off the wall” get all the dirt out of pillows and mattresses, blow the dust out of stray corners (for instance from radiator), get the dust off pictures, moldings, draperies and hangings. And all this is really “getting the dust,” for the dirt is sucked into the dust receptacle and not brushed off one place to land in another. Really the dusting in a house where the vacuum cleaner is used must be very light in comparison to the old-fashioned swept home. Then, too, think of the hard, strenuous work saved. All one does is stand around and guide the Hoover Cleaner and Let electricity do the work.

1920 hoover

Hoover vacuum Ad circa 1920

Hoover Ad from 1919 with the beginning of its trademark phrase “It Beats As It Sweeps As It Cleans”

The ad reads –

The Hoover is an electric vacuum cleaner and more. The Hoover is an electric carpet sweeper and more. For The Hoover also is an electric carpet-beater. It is three cleaners in one and therefore, neither buried dirt nor clinging dirt nor surface dirt can remain when you JUST RUN YOUR HOOVER OVER. Th Hoover is a THOROUGH cleaner. That is why you hear “The Hoover is the best.” That is why it is the most widely bought and used. Insist upon having a Hoover. For only the Hoover BEATS … as it sweep as it cleans.

1919 hoover ad

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