Hotpoint Electric Range

Hotpoint Electric Range

The Hotpoint Electric Range was made by the Edison Electric Appliance Company and we will look at some model information and advertising. The Edison Electric Appliance Company went on to become General Electric.

1919 hotpoint

Bemidji Daily Pioneer 1919

Construction – Low oven type, durably constructed of sheet steel, with black enamel finish, mounted on four short cast iron legs. Oven measures 18 ½ by 16 by 11 ½ inches, and contains two heating elements, one at the top an the other at the bottom; has aluminum steel wall and white enamel oven door with temperature indicator. Cooking top consists of three circular burners 6 ½ , 7 ½ and 8 ½ inches in diameter. These and the oven heating elements are equipped with three-heat indicating snap control switches.

The Evening Herald 1919

The Evening Herald 1919


Pullman Herald 1917

Special Features – Efficient in operation. Burners are of open coil type, with a reflector beneath that directs the heat toward the bottom of the utensil. The reflector tray is readily removable for cleaning purposes and each burner is individually fused and controlled by a convenient three-heat switch, giving high, medium or low heat. In heat efficiency tests one quart of water in an open enamel saucepan was heated from 71 to 200 degrees F. in 19 ¼ minutes over the full heat of the rear burner. The oven heated to 400 degrees F. in 15 minutes, 500 in 25 minutes and 550 in 35 minutes, with both elements on high heat. The oven is ample in size for roasting and baking, and the upper element can be used for broiling. Surface burners are designed for frying, stewing and sauteing.

The Evening Herald 1922

Here is another piece from the New-York Tribunes Institute of Testing in 1916 – There is no doubt that an electric range is the last word in modern kitchen equipment. When it comes to cleanliness, safety, conservation of food and flavors and the supplying of cool and pleasant working conditions the electric range stands easily at the head of its class.

Its only disadvantage is its costliness. The range itself costs a little more than a good gas range, but with the comparatively high electric rates that prevail in the East an electric range is a luxury permissible only to the housewife who does not have to count her dollars.


Hotpont Collectables –

However, in localities where the electric rate is five cents or less per kilowatt hour an electric range used even for such long operations as roasting and baking compares very favorably in the matter of operating expense with gas sold at the rate of $1 per thousand cubic feet. If you are fortunate enough to be able to obtain electricity at three cents per kilowatt hour or even a lower rate, the electric range is a wise investment from the standpoint of economy, as well as convenience and efficiency.


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