Hotpoint Vacuum Cleaner

Hotpoint Vacuum Cleaner

The Hotpoint Vacuum Cleaner was made by the Edison Electric Appliance Company, 147 Waverley Place, New York City. Operating cost, 145 watts, or 1 3/4/ cents an hour.

Construction – A small fan-sweeper type with vertically mounted motor. The motor casing, fan housing and suction nozzle are made of drawn steel, mounted upon three rollers, the rear one being a swivel type. A cloth dust bag is suspended from the wooden handle, which has hooks for winding up the cord when not in use. The five blade steel fan is vertically supported. It is equipped with eighteen and a half feet of flexible connection cord, weighs eleven pounds and will go under furniture eight and three-quarters inches high. Nozzle measures twelve inches, carries a small brush and may be raised or lowered for different naps.

Special Features – Operates easily and cleans efficiently. Push button switch in handle gives control of the current, and hooks are conveniently placed for winding up the cord. Dust bag is easily removed and emptied.

hotpoint vacuum 1916Hotpoint Week 1916 – Emancipation From Household Drudgery –

From Household Drudgery Follows in the wake of the installation of a HOTPOINT VACUUM CLEANER in your home. “Cleaning Up Day” will become play-day you’ll wonder how you ever kept house without it! Simple Efficient Economical So simple a child can operate it nothing to get out of order. Absolutely thorough’ makes home dust-free and germ-free. Yet the cost of operation is insignificant. Remember, you’ll save $5.50 if you purchase it this week. Free Demonstration in Your Home.

hotpoint 1917




edison vacuum

The drudgery of house cleaning time eliminated!

The Edison Companies Hotpoint brand sold more than vacuums, just like today.

other vintage hotpoint

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