Imperial Vacuum Cleaner

Imperial Vacuum Cleaner

The Imperial Vacuum Cleaner was made by the Imperial Vacuum Cleaner Company, 1482 Broadway, New York City. Operating cost at 116 watts, 1 1/8 cents an hour in 1920.

Construction – An electric fan-sweeper type, having the universal motor horizontally mounted and housed in an aluminum body. The machine weighs twelve pounds, will go under furniture six and a half inches high, has a suction nozzle twelve inches wide and operates on four rubber-tired rollers. The nozzle is adjustable to different carpets and has supported directly in the rear of it a stationary bristle brush for picking up and loosening the threads, lint, etc. A heavy fabric bag is suspended from the handle which has a push button switch four inches from the end of the handle. It is equipped with twenty feet of flexible connection cord with separable lamp socket plug.

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1918 imperial vacuumSpecial Features – Compares well with other electric cleaners for picking up surface dirt, but does not seem to have as great suction force for removing embedded dirt as some. Part of the flour spread underneath a heavy carpet, how ever, was drawn up into the bag, this being a severe test. Lint and thread which had been “walked” into the car pet were not easily removed, except with the special tool. The machine is light and easy running. The dust bag was adjusted with some difficulty after emptying. The stationary brush may be removed for cleaning. There is a complete set of attachments which may be purchased complete or singly, as desired. The rubber hose is eight feet nine inches long and the metal extension tube is three feet long. There is an attachment to be used on radiators, molding, etc. This cleaner may be used either for blowing or for suction cleaning. In motor heat test of field coils, for one hour’s continuous operation, the temperature rise was 45.6 degrees F. (Fifty degrees is permitted).

Another review from 1919, said the following about the Imperial Vacuum Cleaner – the picture also appeared in this article.

1919 imperial vacuumThis cleaner is light (12 pounds), I runs easily, and shows especially good suction with the special tools for cleaning carpets, furniture, radiators, mouldings, etc. The tool illustrated is for mouldings, corners and radiators and shows the elbow, which may be used with any tool and enable one to reach into corners and out of the way places easily. The inside of a cabinet was cleaned in the Tribune Institute, and flour spilled in an inner moulding, crumbs in small corners, etc., were deftly and completely removed.

The button switch is four inches below the top of the handle, is especially convenient for making and breaking the current. The work done by suction is supplemented by a stationary bristle brush in the rear of the nozzle, but the best results in picking up threads and line lint were only obtained by the use of the brush tool. The nozzle is adjustable to carpets of different naps and will go under furniture 6 1/2 inches from the floor, the nozzle itself being 12 inches wide.

The four rubber-tired rollers add to the ease of operation and the 20 feet of flexible connection cord, with separable plug for a lamp socket, makes extended operations possible. The large rubber hose is 8 feet 9 inches long and together with the metal tubing 3 feet long, gives the use of the special tools full play under all kinds of conditions.

The motor heat test on the inner coils during one hour of continuous operation, standing still, showed a temperature of only 45.6 degrees F., whereas 55 degrees F. is considered permissible under such conditions, this amount being compatible with satisfactory durability. The fan type aluminum cased motor is horizontally mounted, which, again, promotes durability. The bag is of heavy fabric and must be inverted and emptied from the top.

The machine makes quite a bit of noise when in operation, like most other workers of the day, but it will not strike or leave without notice and it does work well. Imperial Vacuum Cleaner. Price $45. Complete set of attachments $10 extra.

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