Laun-Dry-Ette Washer

Laun-Dry-Ette Washer

The Laun-Dry-Ette Washer was made by the Home Specialty Manufacturing Company in Cleveland, Ohio and in1920 had an operating cost of 1 ¾ cents per hour using 175 watts of power. Advertising for this washer was limited but we were able to locate a few of the ads that ran around 1920.

1922 laun-dry-etteConstruction – A pressure and suction type having a 26-inch circular copper tub, tinned inside, mounted upon a three-legged iron frame with casters. Beneath the tub are the General Electric or Westinghouse motor and driving mechanism, the latter being protected by a shield. Supported on the central shaft, which projects upward through the tub, is a perforated inner metal tub or basket, in which the clothes are placed. Outside of the tub is a square-sided shaft to which a pair of metal washing bells or vacuum cups is attached and worked up and down in the tub containing the clothes and water. Two foot pedals raise and lower the inner tubs for centrifugal drying, and the operation of the mechanism is started and stopped by a small hand crank. The machine occupies a floor space 30 inches square and stands 41 inches high.

Special Features – Employs the pressure and suction washing principle and the centrifugal drying method. That is, after the clothes are washed in the usual way, the inner perforated tub is raised out of the water and revolved by motor. Within a minute the water has been extracted from the clothes. Only one-half cupful of water was obtained from a full charge by wringer after drying in this way. It is possible to wash, rinse, blue and dry, all in the morning, without once removing the clothes, drawing off water for each load. Especially good for small families having an outside drying space. It makes 70 revolutions a minute, the basket in which the clothes are placed changing position every time the cups operate up and down. The centrifugal dryer makes from 750 to 800 revolutions a minute. The tub’s capacity is six sheets or the equivalent.

1922 laundryette 2ANNOUNCING THE LAUN-DRY-ETTE – YES, this means just what it says, the New Washing Machine that gets away from the old-style wringer. No more plunging your hands into the boiling water to get the clothes to the wringer – just throw up the inner tub and turn the lever. In ONE MINUTE your tub of clothes is rung dry enough for the line. And if you should happen to catch a stormy day, in eight minutes they are ready to iron. With this dryer you can do your ironing in less time because there are no wrinkles to iron out from the wringer rolls. With the Laun-dry-ette Washer you can do your washing in at least an hour less time than any other machine and you get away from the work of doing your rinsing and bluing by hand. Our demonstrator is at your service and will put one your home for next wash day, and let you see for yourself.

vaintage laun-dry-ette Vintage Laun-Dry-Ette Washer

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