New Perfection Stove

New Perfection Stove

The New perfection stove appeared in newspapers across the country in 1907 through the 1950’s. We will take a look at a few from the early years. The company actually started by making gas heaters in 1888. The New York Tribune regularly tested home appliances and published their results in their newspaper. Kind of like an early consumer reports.

Here is an article that appeared for Model 32 of the New Perfection Stove in 1919.

A Perfection Oil Stove, With Oven, Broiler and Toaster – For that suburban house where there is no gas and electricity is high (or is not), or for anybody’s summer or winter camp or shack, there is just one kind of a cooking stove to have, and the New Perfection is an excellent example of the type. A good kerosene stove safely constructed, with easily adjusted wicks, does quick, clean, odorless work, and leaves no troublesome residue of ashes and soot.

Hear a vintage Cream of Wheat commercial below –


The herald New Orleans 1919

The model tested in the Institute had two burners, but one, three or four burners may be had. No. 32, with two burners, has a black japanned steel frame standing 30 ¾ inches high and occupying a floor space 33 by 17 inches. Each burner has a brass wick tube with a stem valve, a flame spreader, a ring wick, and a blue enameled steel chimney with a mica floor, through which the height of the flame can be seen and controlled.

At the side is a one-gallon glass tank to hold the kerosene. This is equipped with an automatic feeding valve regulating the supply to the burners. The tank rests in a black japanned steel holder, which is hinged so that it can be reversed for filling.

Speed and Cost of Operation – To demonstrate quickness of operation, a quart of water was heated in a covered enameled pan. The temperature increased from 70 degrees to 200 degrees F. in ten minutes with a full flame, and the water boiled in eleven minutes. On an average gas flame, turned on full, 200 degrees is reached in 5.5 minutes, and in six minutes water boils. On the radiant type electric elements the times, under the same conditions, were 16 and 17 minutes, respectively.

The test on cost of operation showed that about one-half pint of kerosene was consumed per burner an hour with flame on full. In other words, the cost for fuel would be a little less than one cent an hour for each burner, with kerosene at 16 cents a gallon.

The warming cabinet and shelf, the portable oven, the toaster and the broiler transform the simple oil stove of ye olden days into a complete cook stove on which very edible results were obtained with little time, trouble or expense.

Some more typical ads for the New Perfection Stove in the early 1900’s –

NEW PERFECTION WICK BLUE FLAME Oil COOK STOVE and have a comfortable kitchen. Its principle of concentrated heat at the burners prevents the kitchen from overheating so that the work can be done in comfort never before experienced.

The New Perfection Stove

The Jasper News from Jasper, Mo. 1909

The NEW PERFECTION is the oil stove of new principle and direction. It is built like a modern steel range being the only oil stove made with Cabinet top including to drop shelves on which the coffee pot or teapot may be placed after removing from burner. Shelves fold back when not in use. Also two nickeled towel racks. The commodious top shelf of the Cabinet provides a means for warming plates and keep food warm after it is cooked. All this makes the NEW PERFECTION a stove of unusual convenience It does anything and everything any other stove will do regardless of fuel. Whether for heating the wash boiler or cooking a large meal the New Perfection is without equal. Ready at moment of lighting. Can be turned high medium low or out as required another decided advantage over the coal or wood stove. Makes no dust or dirt. Makes the kitchen no longer a room to dread. Made in three sizes. Can be had either with or with out Cabinet.

Here is that same ad after being digitally restored and made into a vintage appliance print over at Zazzle –


new perfection stove

Arizona Republican – 1910

New Perfection Advertisement – 1913 – The Bennington Evening Banner

1913 new perfection stove

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The Leavenworth Echo – 1918

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  1. Richard

    Can you tell me when the New Perfection Model 352 stove was made?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Richard, I have went back through the newspaper archives that cover 1800’s – 1922 and find no mention of that model so I can only assume its after 1922. Sorry I can’t tell you more.

    2. TechEditor


  2. Karl David Wagner

    Can you tell me what year the NEW PERFECTION No.22 burner top oven was made and what was the place name of where it was made? Can you tell me the value of this oven and who would want to have one? I have one bought at The Olde Store,Ferry Street,Anoka,Minnesota at the corner of Pleasant Avenue and Ferry Street by the Rum River, which store building no longer exists. I bought it for forgotten price and that was around 1976. I found it did not fit on the wood range in our family house,nor on top of my Jotul No.602 wood stove,as it did not fit quite right on top of them.I have now today just read about NEW PERFECTION oil stoves made from 1907 to 1950 and hope you can answer my question. Can you tell me what the value of it is today to sell to an antique dealer or sell to the public? Thank you so much. Hope you can write back to me as soon as possible. Happy New Year! Karl David Wagner

  3. Betty Saenz Texas Historic Home REALTOR

    I just showed a historic Texas home with an old New Perfection stove out in the garage. I just love it when homeowners keep stuff!!! Yea!!! I hope it conveys with the sale of the house. Thanks for this great article and photos of old ads! I am goingto send the link to my historic home client who loves this stuff every bit as much as I do!

  4. Julie Cornelison

    A few years ago I purchased a vintage New Perfection set…the 2 burner Stove, with the ‘New Perfection No. 2’ plaque, and the top Warming Cabinet w/shelf, with the plaque reading ‘New Perfection No. 21G’. Additionally marked ‘PAT APPLIED FOR’, and ‘Pat’d Feb-11-1908’. Both pieces are in good condition, as is the glass gallon jug for holding the kerosene, or ‘cooking oil’.

    I found your site incredibly helpful, information-wise…and insightful into the era these stoves were originally designed and used.

    Just wanted to say Thanks, and I appreciate the info.

  5. Adrian Wolverton

    What time was the New Perfection No. 2 in production?

  6. Carolyn S. Plotts

    We have a New Perfection Model No. 833. It is missing two of the metal caps that go under the legs. Does anyone know where I can find them? My Internet search has been futile. Thanks.

  7. Mayrean McDonough

    We have a black EW Perfection 132 (or could read 32) two burner kerosene stove in top condition. What is it worth and how old would it be?

  8. Rick

    I have a perfection stove company Superfex model #1123 F but can find no info on it. Any information would be appreciated

  9. Doug Wann

    I have been cleaning out a friend’s house and came upon a New Perfection Model 74 stove. I have never seen one of these things before and came upon this website in my search. Does anyone have any information about the model 74?

  10. Dave Williams

    I have a new perfection model #12 portable wickless kerosene 2-burner stove. I believe it was made in 1900-1903. I found it in a cabin next to the boundry waters canoe area in Northern Minnesota.
    I am interested in sell it. Make me an offer. You can contact me at

  11. William Gullett

    I have a New Perfection 134. I have had for over 45 years. I trying to get some information on it. It is ruff shape, and I would like to get looking some what like new. it has for burners and a removable oven. I was told it was a kerosene stove. So if you have any thing you can help me with I thank you.

  12. Kelly Pickens

    I have found one labeled new perfection no 3. With the 3 burner top and the above cabinet. Missing the kerosene tank. How hard is it to find parts?


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