Potomac Electric Company Ads

Potomac Electric Company Ads

The electric companies of the early 1900’s, often sold electric powered appliances as a way to get new customers. Since AC current was developed by Nikola Tesla in 1888, the race to get people on electric power was on. With electric power and electricity came wonderful new electric gadget like some of ones seen in these advertisements for the Potomac Electric Company.

The Library Lamp – We have selected this very beautiful Library Lamp and marked it at $15.00. Has two lights and is complete with silk cord. THE Library Lamp illustrated has beauty of line and a refinement of design which make it suitable for any living room. Antique gold finish, with shade of metal overlay and amber glass. PAY YOUR ELECTRIC BILL HERE POTOMAC ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. Telephone Main 955 Are You Keeping Up With the Times?

Potomac Electric Library Lamp

Potomac Electric Library Lamp 1920

The Electric Table Grill – As I mentioned above, the electric companies of the day sold electrical appliances to gain new customers as evidenced by the words of this ad for a table grill. Notice how they describe this nice new appliance and then at the end add …. if you don’t have electrical service …. just call us 😉 – The ad from 1915 reads –

Electric Table Grill – sold at the special price of $4.90 either round or rectangular type both same price – may be secured from local dealers in electrical appliances, or from this company. The electric table grill is one of the most thoroughly useful of electrical appliances. It is a hot plate, toaster, broiler, griddle, and frying pan, in one compact form and it is so easy to operate. You just connect it to the electric lighting fixture, then turn on the electricity, and in a very short time your utensils are hot. The electric table grill is a device for everyday use. The electric candlestick is like the illustration on this page, it is daintily yet substantially made and beautifully finished. – complete with battery and lamp. If your home is not wired for electric service, drop us a line, phone us, or communicate with any of the local wiring contractors. an estimate of the cost will be furnished promptly.

Table Grill Ad 1915

Here is that first ad after it was digitally enhanced and made into a beautiful vintage print –

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