Royal Vacuum Cleaner

Royal Vacuum Cleaner (Model G)

The Royal Vacuum Cleaner was made by the P. A. Geier Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Operating cost, 175 watts, or 1 3/4 cents an hour.

Construction – An electric fan-sweeper type, having the horizontal universal motor in an aluminum housing mounted upon three rubber composition wheels. It has a five-blade aluminum fan and detachable fourteen-inch wide aluminum nozzle. The machine weighs eleven and a half pounds, will go under furniture eight inches high and is guided by a tubular metallic handle. There are twenty feet of flexible cord and a separable plug permits connection with any lamp socket. The cloth dust bag is suspended from the handle.

Special Features – This cleaner did excellent work removing embedded dirt as well as the surface litter and proved to have a strong suction with large air displacement. It operates easily, and the suction nozzle can be readily adjusted by means of the convenient screw on the rear wheel to produce the most effective cleaning on either long, short or medium nap carpets. The nozzle cleans a strip of carpet fourteen inches wide at each stroke and therefore promotes rapid work. Also this part can be quickly and easily detached from the machine, so that the hose for the attachment can be connected directly with the air chamber. The fabric dust bag has a specially designed large opening which facilitates emptying it, since it may be held close to the paper by the feet and vigorously shaken so that the dirt clinging to the sides is removed.

1919 royal vacuum

Read the text on the right

The Royal Suction Cleaner Cleans by air alone and needs no brush or other assistance. The rushing stream of air picks up the rug, spreads the nap. draws out all the embedded dirt and picks up all the surface litter. The Royal Cleaner is rug of the finest materials and when you operate it you will wonder how you ever did your housework without one. For the Royal cleans the whole house thoroughly clean with little effort on your part. TRY EITHER OR BOTH OF THESE MACHINES FREE.

If you don’t want them worse than anything you ever bought for your rail I home If you aren’t sure that you need them after you see them working in your own home, we will gladly take the machine away, and the free trial in your home will not cost anything at all.

Here another ad for the Royal Vacuum Cleaner from 1919

royal electric 1919 2

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  1. Angela Armstrong

    I’m contacting you because I have my great grandparents vacuum and wanted some information on it. It’s a Regal and every time I search the Web I get the Royal. My Regal is the same company as the Royal “The P.A. Geier Company”, Cleveland, Ohio. It is model number 285. 285-27326 is also located right above the model number itself.
    I know my vacuum is old like I said it belonged to my great grandparents. I read somewhere it was a knock off of the Royal cleaners from back then but I’m thinking it was made before Royal. Anyway, it runs and still works great. I don’t use it because I’d like to keep it that way. Any information you can help with will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you kindly,
    Angela Armstrong

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Angela,

      I am by no means an expert on any of the vintage appliances seen here, I just like the nostalgia of them.

      You might have some luck posting to a vintage vacuum forum like (the name is the link)

      Glad you found the website and posted here 🙂


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