Sloane Vacuum Cleaner

Sloane Vacuum Cleaner

1921 Sloane VacuumThe Sloane Vacuum Cleaner was made by W. & J. Sloane, Forty seventh Street and Fifth Avenue, New York City. Its operating cost in 1920 at 150 watts was 1 1/2 cents an hour.

Construction – An electric fan-sweeper, having universal motor horizontally mounted and the floor nozzle and casing constructed of aluminum. It runs on three rubber-tired wheels, weighs twelve pounds, has a nozzle thirteen inches wide and will go under furniture seven and a half inches high. There are convenient hooks for the twenty feet of flexible connection cord to be wound upon when not in use. The dust bag is suspended from the handle.

Special Features – This cleaner is very well constructed and develops a large air displacement with strong suction, insuring a high cleansing efficiency. A small fan with air vents in the casing on one end of the shaft reduces the heating of the motor during use by circulating the warm air surrounding the winding. A pistol grip switch on the handle gives convenient control of the electric current. By means of a simple adjusting screw the floor suction nozzle may be regulated for short, long or medium nap carpets. An advantage where different kinds of rugs are in use. The springs in the hinge of the handle tend to keep the latter in an upright position, and therefore there is less weight bearing upon the arm and the machine operates easier. The extra cleaning attachments obtainable have a hose connection with the fan chamber through the opening covered by the name plate.

1919 sloane vacuum

VACUUM CLEANERS – THE most powerful, and therefore the most efficient devices of the kind yet produced, “Sloane” Vacuum Cleaners are guaranteed by an old established house with years of experience in the best methods of caring for floor coverings, hangings and household furnishings. The absolute reliability, as well as the ease, economy and broad scope of their operation, are other features which commend “Sloane” Vacuum Cleaners above all other similar devices. Demonstration gladly given. Portable Model for Household Use, $46. Eight extra attachments, $10 additional. Other models for every purpose. Stationary Plants installed. Descriptive circular upon request. W. C& J. SLOANE Fifth Avenue & 47th Street New York

Sloane Vacuum Cleaners – Years of experience in the care and cleaning of household fabrics were instrumental in evolving a Vacuum Cleaner of domestic size, which, in our judgment, represents the best of its type. It weighs but 13 pounds, is strongly made of aluminum, simple in operation and with suction of such strength as to mike any beating or brushing device unnecessary. It thoroughly cleans but doe not damage the fabric. The name ‘”SLOANE” cast in the metal is your guarantee of satisfaction. Price complete with 8 Attachments, $48.00


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