The Eden Washing Machine

The Eden Washing Machine

The Eden Washing Machine was made by the Brokaw-Eden Manufacturing Company in Alton, Il. and operated at 170 watts with a cost 1 3/4 cents per hour back in 1920.

Construction – A revolving, reversing cylinder type having a four legged ? Steel frame on swivel casters and a galvanized semicircular tub in which is supported by a perforated zinc cylinder. The R&M, General Electric or Westinghouse motor is located beneath, and the driving mechanism is all placed at one side and inclosed. The machine occupies a floor space 24 inches square, and it is 35 inches to top of tub. The two-roll reversible American wringer with safety release is mounted at one end.

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Special Features – All moving parts inclosed and running in grease. A window inside of tub marks the water level, and the draincock is quick acting. The wringer and cylinder have their own control levers and may be operated separately or together. The machine makes 24 revolutions a minute, reversing every fifth time. It has a maximum capacity of six sheets and required one hour during test to wash, rinse and wring twelve pieces (equivalent of one load).

The Eden Washing Machine started making its appearance in the old newspaper ads around 1915. They appealed to the women of the day because of the hours it took to do laundry the “old fashioned” way before electricity. Here are some of these advertisements.

Eden Washing machine

St. Josephs Observer -1915

Housewives Is Your Time Worth Only 2c An Hour – Every time you toil long hours laundering by hand you value your time at just that wage. For at a cost of less than 2c per hour of use, an EDEN ELECTRIC WASHING Machine will do your washing for you, do it more thoroughly and in much less time. Don t pit your human labor against machine labor To attempt it is to court early old age, to fall behind in worlds procession.

An Eden Electric Washing Machine Doubles Your Efficiency – While the washing machine is doing the heavy labor, you can preform other household duties. Your wash will quickly be spotlessly clean and fresh, without injury to the most delicate of fabrics.

We will send a machine to your home on free trial and can prove to you how “the electric servant” saves money, time and effort. The simplicity and efficiency of Eden Washing Machines never fails to interest every woman who manages a home. St Joseph Railway Light Heat Power Co..


Kansas City Sun -1917

Why make yourself a slave to this wash tub and the old scrub board? Why put up with all this back-breaking drudgery? Why not let the EDEN MACHINE do this washing and let you supervise same, eliminating all work that is attached to the wash day by the old method? The EDEN in every home will eliminate all this drudgery and tired feeling of wash day. Ask the people that you work for if they have an – EDEN WASHING MACHINE?

The EDEN Electric Washing and Wring Machine can be placed in the home for $2.50 Cash and $5 a month the cost to operate same per hour 1c or four hours for 5c. The Davis Electric Co.


The Evening Missourian – 1919

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The Lehi Sun -1921

Even the cuffs are washed perfectly clean – The real proof of washing machine efficiency is the elimination of ground-in dirt from cuffs, collar-bands and children’s play-clothes without wear to the fabric. The Eden’s gentle dip-process cleanses perfectly without rubbing.

The Eden Sediment Zone Keeps the Water Clean While Washing – This feature is found on The Eden exclusively, thus The Eden is distinguished in being the most sanitary method known for washing clothes and linens.

The Eden Will Do Your Next Wash Free – in your own home, where you can judge for yourself its many superiorities. No cost whatsoever – no obligation to-buy. Call up or write now and tell us what day you want The Eden to come.




The Eden Washing Machine

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  1. Ralph Gilbert

    I have one of these Eden washing machines cant find much about what it is worth or if any body collects them any help is appriciated thank you

    1. Nadene Goleski

      Hi Ralph, I don’t know what it’s worth but if you could send me a picture. It might be the washing machine my Great-Grandfather invented in his home. I would love to see a picture.

  2. admin (Post author)

    Hi Ralph, not sure how I missed this one 😉 I really have no idea but with the popularity of all the picker and pawn shows, the market for vintage stuff is just going up.

    Did you find out anything?


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