Thor Electric Washing Machine

Thor Electric Washing Machine

The Thor Electric Washing Machine was made by the Hurley Machine Company, 151 West Forty-second Street in New York City and operated at 180 watts. This translates to a 1 3/4 cents an hour of cost to use in 1920. This was also a washing machine that was named after a god and what housewife wouldn’t want a god to come down from the heavens and help with the laundry 😉

Construction – A revolving, reversing cylinder washer having a wooden frame on casters and a galvanized tub in which is suspended a perforated wooden cylinder. The General Electric or Westinghouse motor is mounted beneath the tub, while the driving mechanism is at one end and entirely inclosed. At the same end is the Anchor Brand reversible two-roll wringer with safety guard. Floor space occupied, 25 by 33 inches, and will pass through a doorway 26 inches wide. Height. 33 inches to top of tub, 51 inches to top of wringer.

Special Features – The electric current is controlled by a push button switch and the operation of the cylinder and wringer by convenient levers. The cylinder and wringer may be operated together or separately; all moving parts in the gearing and driving mechanism are inclosed, thus protected from dust and causing accidental injury to the operator. The motor has a protective device which prevents it from being overloaded or burned out. The cylinder makes eight revolutions before reversing – two reverses every minute and has a capacity of six sheets: The excellent safety guard on the wringer protects the fingers. The charge of clothes is washed in fifteen to twenty minutes.

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One of the first Thor Electric Washing Machine Ads from North Platte Semi-Weekly – 1909

1909 thor washer

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Thor Washer advertisement from the Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Honolulu, 1910

1910 thor washer

Thor Washer advertisement 1910

Thor Electric Washing Machine Ad from The Jewish Monitor in 1921

thor ad 1921

1920 thor washer

Bemidji Daily Pioneer – 1920

Thor Electric Clothes Washers – For the past six months our friends have been waiting for the arrival of these machines. In every part of the country the demand for these machines has been so great that they simply could not be furnished. We regret the fact that our customers have had to wait so long, but we are going to reward them for their waiting by giving to each and every purchaser of the THOR one of our famous HOT-POINT Electric Irons – absolutely free. This offer will hold good for the next six weeks.

The new THOR is a beauty. It has the only all-metal four-position swinging wringer on the market. All of the mechanical parts of the machine are enclosed so that a child may play under or about the machine without the slightest danger of being injured. It is a machine built for service and will last a life-time. We have a competent demonstrator who will come to your home and do your first washing for you without cost. It takes less than three hours to put out a big washing and all the labor is done by the machine. PHONE 26 AND ARRANGE FOR A FREE DEMONSTRATION – No expense and no obligation – no papers to sign. And when you buy the THOR only $15 down and the balance in small monthly sums.

Thor Electric Washing Machine

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    Trying to find info on the TL2 500 washing machine programs as I do not have an instruction manual. All programs tried have been over 90 minutes. Far too long want to know which programs are the short washes.


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