Torrington Electric Vacuum

Torrington Electric Vacuum

The Torrington Electric Vacuum was made by the National Sweeper Company of Torrington, Conn. and had an operating cost at100 watts of 1 cent per hour. We will look at some of the earliest advertising and some facts about this now vintage vacuum cleaner.

Construction – A portable fan-sweeper type machine having a nickel-plated steel nozzle and motor case. The motor is horizontally mounted and has a six blade steel fan, direct connected to the shaft. The ten-inch nozzle contains a roller bristle brush running on fiber wheels. A cloth dust bag is suspended from the handle, which has a pistol grip switch in the end. It is equipped with twenty feet of flexible connection cord with separable lamp socket attachment. The machine weighs eleven and a quarter pounds and will go under furniture six and a half inches high. A complete set of tool attachments is obtainable.

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Special Features – The brush in the nozzle is removable when necessary and adjustable to high, medium or low nap carpets. The pistol grip switch gives instant control of the current and there are hooks on the handle upon which to wind the cord when not in use. The motor will run on either alternating or direct current of proper voltage and keeps cool during operation.

1921 torrington

A suggestive ad for the Torrington in 1921?

Here’s another ad for the Torrington Electric Vacuum from 1921

torrington electric vacuum

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