Vintage Ads for Herrick Refrigerators

Herrick Refrigerators in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s

Herrick Refrigerator No. 43 – Made by the Herrick Refrigerator Co.. Waterloo, Iowa.


New York Tribune 1917

The usual hundred-hour test, given in the Tribune Institute to the Herrick Refrigerator No. 43, proves it to be up to the standard in all refrigeration requirements, which are briefly: Proper food preservation, good cold air circulation and low interior temperature, with reasonable ice consumption.

The ice capacity of this refrigerator is rated at 106 pounds. With this amount of ice the temperature of the food compartment averaged 47.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest part averaged 43.2 degrees, while the warmest was 50.4 degrees. During the same period the temperature of the room averaged 67.6 degrees. The ice consumption necessary to maintain this temperature in the refrigerator was a little under three-quarters of a pound per hour.

The refrigerator case is made of polished solid oak, with hinges, locks and trimmings of nickel plated brass. Being mounted upon roller casters, it can easily be moved.

All the doors and walls are insulated, and the shelves are made of tinned wire mesh. The bottom of the ice chamber is lined with seamless galvanized steel and has a removable drip pan. The cleaning is very easy, as the pan catches all dirt from the melting ice and allows the ice chamber to be freely flushed. The water sealed drain trap and pipe are galvanized too. All parts of the ice chamber, as well as the food compartment and draining system, are easily removed, so that cleaning is a very simple matter. Price, No. 43, $30.50.

More Herrick Refrigerators Advertisements

There were many print ads that appeared in the newspapers across the country for the Herrick brand sanitary refrigerator. The ad below is for the 1897 Herrick model that appeared in the Kansas City Journal. It claims its the only DRY, PURE and SWEET Refrigerator on the Market.

Herrick Refrigerators1897

Herrick Refrigerators 1897

The next ad is the Herrick as it appeared in a Missouri newspaper in 1914. This is the HERRICK Refrigerator The average sale of this Refrigerator in Columbia, is one every three days. HERRICK – Dry Air System REFRIGERATOR – Complete Dry Air Circulation – Removable shelves and
drip pan.

herrick 1919

The Evening Missourian 1919


Herrick Refrigerator 1914

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