Vintage Coffee Ads – 1916 to 1922

Vintage Coffee Ads – 1916 to 1922

We continue our look at vintage coffee advertisement through the years 1916 to 1922. It is during this time that you begin to see the emergence of some brands that are familiar today. Interesting thing to note is that the Folgers brand was originally Folger’s Golden Gate coffee.

Morning Sip Coffee – This coffee brand was only seen a few times and I believe it was a regional brand only available in the north east of the United States. It was made by Sheppard & Son of Phila.,Pa., and the ad you see is from the Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger in 1916.


All the bitter taste is taken out of Morning Sip Coffee by machinery the overcoat from “every coffee bean (and that’s what gives the bitter taste) is ground into chaff, and then blown away, All you get is pure, sweet, whole some coffee. At all reliable grocers. ALEX. SHEPPARO & SONS, Inc.

play-audioListen to a vintage Maxwell House ad while you browse these ads below –

1918 Cresent Cream Ad

Pullman Herald – 1918

Folgers Golden Gate Coffee – The Folgers brand has been around a long time and was actually founded in San Francisco around 1850. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that i found an actual print ad for them. The ad below is from the Morning Tulsa Daily in 1921. The actual text is available below.

1921 folgers coffee ad

Care in selection, care and skill in blending and roasting the matching of every lot of raw coffee to an unchanging standard of flavor that explains the uniformly smooth, rich taste of Folger’s Golden Gate Coffee.

And all of this care is necessary because a smooth coffee blend is most difficult to attain. The “knowing how” comes from long experience in the case of Folger’s Golden Gate Coffee, an experience of seventy-one years. Folger’s Golden Gate Coffee is “Different in taste from other coffee and better.”

So find out for yourself just how good it is. Ask your grocer for it. J A. FOLGER & CO.

Maxwell House Coffee – was first introduced in 1892 and was named after the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Like Folgers, it wasn’t until the 1920 that I found it in a print ad. It was actually in 1917 that Cheek-Neal started using the “Good to the last drop” slogan we know today. The ad below is from a 1922 edition of the New York Tribune.

maxwell house coffee ad 1922

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  1. Carol Graham

    I have a metal tray with Morning Sip Dry Roast Coffee. Alex Shepherd and Sons
    Phidelphia, Pa. How old is it? Does it have value?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Hi Carol, as I pointed out to another poster, with all the pawn and picker reality shows out there, the values are only going up. I’m not a collector, just a reporter 🙂

      Bring it to an antiques dealer or post a picture send me a photo and I’ll post it here.

  2. Jenni Carey

    I am looking for a print of an advertisement that shows a gentleman drinking coffee in a coffee house with the Title: “Coffee, The Drink of Intellectuals.” Any idea where I can find one?

    1. admin (Post author)

      Jenni – The database I use goes to the mid 1920’s and I found nothing with that phrase. Do you know the brand of coffee?


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