Vintage Eureka Vacuum Cleaners

Vintage Eureka Vacuum Cleaners

Vintage Eureka vacuum cleaners have a been around for a long time and were one of the first brands available commercially. Lets take a look at some of the early advertisements as they appeared in the newspapers between 1910 and 1922.

The company was founded in 1909 in Detroit Michigan by Fred Wardell and the first ad I was able to find was actually an employment ad for a sales manager. Below is the advertisement that appeared in the Salt Lake Herald Republican in 1910.

play-audioListen to a period tune from 1910 – Cows May Come by Irving Kaufman

Vintage Eureka Vacuum CleanersWe Want A Salesmanager – We Want Salesmanager to represent us in Salt Lake City in the sale of our Eureka Vacuum Cleaner. We have the best Electric Vacuum Cleaner on the market and are prepared to positively demonstrate this fact. It sells for $35 No stock or territory for sale but exclusive contract given. An investment according to size of territory required in order to carry account. Satisfactory references must be given. A fine opportunity for the right person in this new and attractive field which is rapidly being opened up. Write us today if you wish to assume relations with a concern which can give you a permanent and lucrative business. Address: EUREKA VACUUM CLEANER COMPANY 1258 Majestic Bldg Detroit Mich.

For the first few years, ads were seen not as in later years but more in the for sale section, by the want ads.

eureka-ad-2eureka demo ad






It wasn’t until 1915 that more visual ads for vintage Eureka vacuum cleaners started to appear. The first one below was seen in the New York Tribune in 1915. It was a “try before you buy” ad that was a common practice for new electric appliances of the day. Remember, electricity was also a new commodity and only the larger cities had the ability to offer it in residential homes. The ad reads in part –

eureka-try-free-adFREE TO YOU FOR 30 DAYS – The World Famous EUREKA Electric Vacuum Cleaner – Yes Madam, that is exactly what we mean. We will ship you one of our superb, brand new, easy gliding and deep cleaning Eureka Electric Vacuum Cleaners on 30 days FREE cleaning trial.

We are going to loan you this splendid cleaner for a full month. Remember, this free loan won’t cost you a penny. We even pay the express charges. We bear every expense. We want to let you find out for yourself the wonderful house-cleaning powers of the Eureka cleaner. Without Cost To You.

Just send your name and address and we will mail you the full details of this exceptional Free Loan Offer and our Beautiful Illustrated Booklet. No strings are attached to this offer. We want you to use the Eureka Cleaner for 30 days just as if it were your own. Clean your carpets and your rugs with it. Try it on all the nooks and corners; subject it to every test you can think of. And then if you are not more than delighted by it, send it back to us at our expense.

It was also a common practice for the local electric companies to directly sell appliances in those days. It made perfect sense because if you didn’t have electric power in your home, what better than to sell the appliances, like the new vacuum cleaner, to gain new customers. This was seen in 1918 in the Washington Herald for the Potomac Electric Company.


Around 1920, ads appeared regularly for these vintage Eureka Vacuum Cleaners, but only in New York,  Washington and a few smaller cities like Ogden, Utah as seen below.

1920 eureka ad

New York Tribune – 1920

eureka ad 1922

Ogden Standard Examiner – 1922

Vintage Eureka Vacuum Cleaners

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