Western Electric Range

Western Electric Range

The Western Electric Range was made the Western Electric Company, 195 Broadway, New York which was in business from 1881 to 1995. Western Electric was one of the largest distributors of electrical equipment in the United States from 1900 – 1920. The company sold vacuum cleaners, fans, washing machines, the ranges we are looking at here and a number of other electrical appliances. In the mid 1920’s, they split into a separate corporation called the Graybar Electric Company, named after its founders.

It was apparent by the lack of advertisements for the Western Electric Range that this line my not have been a huge success (compared to similar electric ranges).


New-York Tribune 1916

Construction – Elevated oven model having three surface burners and an oven. Body is mounted upon four legs with a pot and pan shelf between them. Oven supported by nickel plated cast iron side brackets, attached at the rear corners. Oven measures 18 inch wide, 12 inches high and 12 inches deep. Has welded linings, two adjustable wire shelves and a white enameled broil with a rack, and contains two ebony coiled type heating elements. Door has temperature dial.

The three circular top burners have three heating elements mounted upon porcelain brick and are not harmed by liquid or food spilled upon them. Rear burner or simmer unit and the regular unit are both 6 ½ inches in diameter while the right hand front burner, or forcing unit, is 8 inches in diameter. Each unit is provided with a three heat snap switch and is individually fused.

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Oklahoma City Times 1918

Special Features – Convenient in type and suitable for average size family. Usual cooking process can be carried on on the top burners. In tests, one quart of water in an uncovered enamel saucepan was heated to 68 degrees F. to 200 degrees F. in 17 ¾ minute on the rear burner. The oven, with both units in use, is heated to 425 degrees F. in 15 minutes, to 550 in 24 minutes, and after the heat was turned off for 30 minutes the temperature was 310 degrees F. Range finished in dull black enamel, with nickel trimmed white enamel door.


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Corpus Christi Caller 1916

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