Western Electric Washer

Western Electric Washer

The Western Electric Washer was made by the Western Electric Company, 105 West Fortieth Street in New York City. It used 200 watts of power and cost around 2 cents an hour to operate in 1920. It is one of the few names in vintage washing machine that you may still be familiar with today.

western electric washerConstruction – A revolving, reversing cylinder type of washing machine having a steel frame and a galvanized tub in which is supported a perforated wooden cylinder. The General Electric motor is located below at one end, and also the mechanism, which is inclosed and running in grease. At the same end of the tub is the two-roll reversible American wringer with safety release. The washer occupies a floor space of 26 by 36 inches, and has a height of 51 and 3/8” to top of stationary wringer, 40 inches to top of tub and 53 1/8 inches to the top of the swinging wringer.

Special Features – All moving parts are inclosed and automatically lubricated. Separate levers control the cylinder and wringer. A pulley on the motor shaft permits the running of other small machinery at the same time the washing is being done, or separately. It has a capacity of six sheets and the clothes are washed satisfactory in 20 minutes. The cylinder revolves 6 ½ times before it reverses 3 ½ times.

1921 WE washer

The Evening Herald 1921

Snowy wristbands -one good test to make before you buy (New-York tribune 1920) –

YOU know how hard it is, washing clothes by hand, to get all the dirt out of wristbands without scrubbing away the fabric. Even with electrical washers this is a hard task. But read how the Western Electric meets this test. Compare this dependable washer with other machines. Satisfy yourself by actual demonstrations that the Western Electric Washer gets your clothes cleaner and at the same time makes them last longer.

1921 washer drawing

Drawing of the Western Electric model

The Western Electric Washer is easy on the clothes – It is the Western Electric principle of the revolving cylinder that does it. Turning six and a half times in one direction, this generous-sized cylinder reverses and goes the other way. But this sudden change of direction doesn’t come so often as to violently toss or beat the clothes against the sides of the cylinder. The action is correctly timed to stir the clothes up thoroughly in the hot, soapy water. Not a chance for the heaviest bedspread to bunch. No uneven “spotty” washing possible.

Test this washer yourself – Go to a Western Electric dealer for a demonstration. See how easily it can wash your most troublesome pieces spotless. Then you will realize why the Western Electric Clothes Washer and Wringer is so much in demand among women who want cleaner clothes and shorter working hours in the home without the unreasonable present cost. Nothing to get out of order. The simple things usually are the best, even in machinery. The Western Electric is so simple in construction that you never need think of it as machinery at all. The”greenest” wash woman that you can employ will be able to operate it and what is equally important is that it will be practically impossible for her to damage it.

Western Electric Washer


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